Tips & Tricks for Fate Core: A few rules for action - horror

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

In basic Fate Core, playing an action - RPG horror session is very difficult. You know - aspects, storytelling. Players just have too much preserved Fate Points. I have been thinking about this problem for a very long time, and now I have solution for that.

New rules for action - horror session based on Fate Core

Firstly, 0 Refresh points for Players. For each milestone, when they should get Refresh Point, instead they get a new stunt. Why? Because if Players have too much starting Fate Points, they have too much power in game. Game Master creates a scene with dark flavour? Ok, Player uses a few Acpects and then he/she wins without problems. For a horror based story it's too easy.

Secondly, we create a new kind of Fate Points - Dark Fate Points (DFP in short). This is inspired by Polish RPG system, called "Klanarchia". It uses Dice from Pool of Darkness to makes matters even more difficult for Players. In Klanarchia GM may uses Dice for dramatic entry of the bad guy, separates player, boosts enemies attacks and other things (too much for writing). In short: Dice from Pool of Darkness are exact opposite of Fate Points. DFP will be for the same thing - to make matters more difficult for Players.

So, a few rules for DFP.
  • Players may invoke Aspects, use Stunts and Extras without Fate Points, but if they use, GM gains one DFP
  • GM starts campaign without DFP, and he/she loses all gathered DFP, when Players achieve Major Milestone
  • GM may spend one DFP to compel Players and Players can't refuse
  • GM may spend one DFP to invoke any aspect (especially Players bad ones)
  • GM may spend one DFP to block Players Aspect's invocation with FP
We may expand list above, but I think this idea is quite good for consideration. If you want, I may expand possibilities for GM or prepare ready to play engine for Fate Core.